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An epitome of mediterranean cuisine and seafood, is the brotherly restaurant of "Kastelorizo ​​Varkiza" that was successfully established in the northern suburbs of Athens, in Kifissia. The warm and hospitable dining area has a traditional character, giving the feels of a fish tavern. Following the same line that led to the success of the business in the Southern suburbs, it offers a menu based on greek cuisine and especially on fresh fish, supplied by fishermen from all over Greece. "Kastellorizo ​​Kifissias" could only prove to be a classic destination and its wide variety of wines, ideally accompanies your meal, while the establishment also produces its own brand of wine that you are highly suggested to order.


Πλατάνων 2


+30 21 0800 1057

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Opening hours

Monday  10:00 - 01:00
Tuesday  10:00 - 01:00
Wednesday  10:00 - 01:00
Thursday  10:00 - 01:00
Friday  10:00 - 01:00
Saturday  10:00 - 01:00
Sunday  10:00 - 01:00

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Ψωμί & Αλάτι
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12 / 20

Ψωμί & Αλάτι

Πλατεία Ελευθερωτών 8, Αθήνα

Modern Greek

''Psomi kai Alati'' restaurant is located in the bustling Eleftheroton Square, in Halandri. The interior is full of elegance and in the same tome really cozy. Chef Yiannis Loukakos has created an entertaining tasting menu with international influences. Modern gastronomy "marries" the greek tradition and the result is rather satisfactory.

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11 / 20


Ελ. Βενιζέλου 19, Αθήνα

Fish Greek

"Psarokokkalo" restaurant in Melissia, updated and colorful, fills the northern suburbs with sea aura. The pattern of the herringbone is repeated in various decorative elements in the interior, but also the decorated bottles of greek local drinks on the wall, are transfering you to a modern but at the same time traditional coastal fish tavern. "Contemporary" in terms of decoration and "traditional" in terms of taste and quality. Without exaggeration, and above all, with respect to the raw materials, ''Psarokokkalo'' offers a tasty result that satisfies every visitor.

Χελώνα - Chelona
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12.5 / 20

Χελώνα - Chelona

Ερμού 121, Αθήνα

Mediterranean Modern

"Helona" restaurant , which in greek means ''turtle'', is located in Thissio, in the center of Athens, on the first floor of the impressive ''Nectar'' cellar. It is a modern and elegant place with wooden details and distinctive colors. The wine brands are varied and satisfy every visitor, while the menu focuses on mediterranean food options, which are suitable for every occasion. Although newly opened, ''Helona'' restaurant with its modern aesthetics has gained a lot of fans.